Wednesday, May 24, 2017



                                                      My photos haven't much wording as yet.
                                                      I am doing a Uni course through Tasmania
                                                     Uni it's a free course. I am working on
                                                     creating photos for a social world.

                                                        1st job is to pick a Theme
                                                      finding a lot and as I crop
                                                              and change my photos
                                                     they come to light more being a
                                                        completely different photo

                                                          Photos below have been
                                                             cropped and changed
                                                       giving you a example of how
                                                         the photos can be changed



Theme Beach ? Seaside /

                                                                       Beach ?
                                                                       Seaside ?

                                                            Stopping off at Orford Tas
                                                            on a cool Autumn's day
                                                         photos all taken down at the beach
                                                   in no order at all which I can do later on if
                                                               I use them in my Assessment 3
                                                        Photos have been changed by
                                                         cropping , colour tint  and original ,

Theme Wildlife ? Maria Is ?


could it be

Wildlife ?
Maria Is ?

Travel was what I thought looking at my 
photos more themes are popping out 

East Coast Tasmania 

Photographing wildlife can be hard doesn't help 
when I chat while walking 
my husband went ahead of me 
then I would see him stop and 
point his hand 
I knew there was some sort of 

Photos have been cropped 
all taken on Maria Island except 
for the bottom photo which is taken at 
Port Arthur 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Travel Tasmania

                                                           Travel Tasmania
                                                    15/5/2017 to 19/5/2017

                                                  Exploring East Coast Tasmania

                                                        August 2016 to May 2017 
                                                        our work life was full on 
                                                    with 2 days off since last August 
                                                         we packed up 4 nights away 
                                                     exploring East Coast of Tasmania 
                                                        It's called Great Eastern Drive 
                                                           Map white line shows 
                                                               where we headed
                                                             Our 1st stop Triabunna 
                                                          we set up in a cosy cabin for 
                                                              our week of adventure 


Tuesday up early ready for 
a day out at Port Arthur 
timing was perfect for the 
Harbour Cruise 
Eaglehawk Neck and the Tasman Arch 
had a lovely day exploring 

Port Arthur 

Eaglehawk Neck Blow Hole 
Tasman Arch 

Wednesday we booked the Ferry to Maria Island 
had a great day loved the wildlife sat by the 
beach and ate lunch 
perfect time out from our 
busy life style 

Maria Island 

Thursday we went to Cambridge and then home 
we stopped at Orford for a look around. 
Slightly cool but the beach was calling for a walk 
and photos to be taken 

Photos Orford 


Travel Tasmania



                                                                  Port Arthur  16/5/2017 

                                                         lots of thoughts about Port Arthur 
                                                         so many changes since the late 1970's
                                                        remembering where I was 20 years ago 
                                                               how our church reacted and
                                                         supported Tasmania  at this time 
                                                          so may thoughts I hope to detail with
                                                       them all later as part of my Assessment 3 

                                                            Photos I am showing are original 
                                                           and changed by my photo program 

                                                           you may picked up Theme as travel 
                                                           or you may be like me fascinated 
                                                            by the handi work of so many 
                                                             with stones and bricks what 
                                                              can actually be achieved 

                                           1st photo                  original , 
                                           2nd photo        cropped  & auto adjust colour 
                                            Old houses or rooms used to have arches 
                                            by the fire places structurally sound , impressive
                                            to the eye , beautiful design by the builder .


Cast your eye over this building 
a window for light and a door 
built at the right height

1st Photo is orginal untouched 

2nd Photo is cropped bring 
in the brick work a tad closer 

Do you want to feel the bricks ?
Can you see the different colours?

I wonder how they built it many years ago , 
having a working building would
 have been so grand back then 
when you where a convict 

Are you a descendant of a convict ?
Did they started  Tasmania Life 
at Port Arthur ?

What do you see ? 

did you answer a Tower ?

Love seeing old trade skills 
like this railing and steps nothing 
flash but services a purpose 
stopped me from tripping but it is helping 
to stop damage by visitors like us 
walk in the right area to help maintain
 our history for years to come

Tower I love the top that shows
 protection also allowing sight 
view of the whole area
 oh to climb to the top
 would be so great 

even back then buildings where built with 
bricks and stones to the shape they 
required around the arch the pattern of 
building supplies has been arched 

Port Arthur has some really old 
wonderful magical skills you don't see 
a lot in today's world 



Sunday, May 21, 2017

Travel Tasmania

     Travel Tasmania 

Images for a social world

       Maria Island  17/5/2017 

                                                  Watching wildlife is a favorite pass time 
                                                 as a small child and teenager I spent many days 
                                                 on the North West Coast my parents owned a shack 
                                                at Arthur River , we used to go out spotlighting. 
                                                What is spotlighting ?  I hear you ask ,
                                                getting into the closest beach buggy or ute.         
                                                On top would be a huge spotlight one person 
                                                would shine it around the bush while we drove 
                                                mainly late at night so we could see the wildlife. 
                                               Wombats I love they seem to be so humble. 
                                                Only animal I know that has square poo's, 
                                                they can cause a lot of damage to farming
                                               ground by digging under fences and earth holes. 
                                               We visited Maria Island last Wednesday 
                                                walking around with my husband, we 
                                               were amazed by the wombats that potted 
                                               around freely or laying asleep in the sun. 

                                                Images I have uploaded are the same wombat 
                                               I was fascinated by the fact it wasn't scared , 
                                               continued to clean it's paw without a care 
                                                              while we watched on.
                                              I have cropped it to high light its paw and nose 


Friday, May 19, 2017

Images for a social world

Images for a social world

Assessment Task 3 

My thoughts start here 
ready for coming weeks 
when I need to get the 
Assessment final and submitted 

anyway been on Holiday 
and here are some 
pic's of Port Arthur 


Great week away 

We had a weeks break 
 East Coast of Tasmania 
over coming days I will 
upload my photos took 
heaps will take time to upload.
I hope to upload as a story with a theme 
so stay tuned to see beautiful Tasmania 
through the lenses of my ph camera and  pentax camera 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Assessment Task 2

Photography and Social media 
Assessment Task 2 

                                                            have picked out the 3 pic's below 
                                                       when I take all the layers off my photos
                                                  I keep coming back to 3 facts in my life and photos 
                                                  inspired by Mothers day ads on tv and in newspaper 
                                                          and on the net no matter who you are it 
                                                                all started with a Mothers love 
                                                  My Mum has been on my mind a lot as she  is a shinning star
                                                  she picked me to be her daughter at 3 months of age 
                                                                   Mothers are really special 
                                                                            who I am 
                                                          a Wife , Mother ,and Grandmother 
                                               I do everything else because I am these 3 things 
                                             Over last few weeks I have taken a lot of selfies 
                                             mostly they are who I am , noticed a few things I 
                                                      took more photos of than other items 

                                                   one thing stood out more than anything 
                                                    photos I took with my grand daughter 
                                                  I really wanted to show that about myself 
                                                             without showing her face 

Photo shows  my hand and wedding ring with 
Karen & Lloyd 23/4/1988 engraved inside
I took the photo as a selfie
 due to being married for 
29 years ,the photo has been
 cropped as I wanted the 
focus to be on my ring 
my ring holds so much 
love we have created 
over 29 years 

Photo shows my 3 sons in younger days 
taking a photo of photos was a 
little tricky 
my thought was due to being married 
we have created 3 beautiful sons 
no cropping this is taken with no effect 
I placed  the photos into my fingers and held 
them up with my hand 
that hand has held those boys 
from the time they entered the world 
and it continues to hold my sons 
whenever they need a helping hand 
so much love for our 3 sons 
they are all different  but 
very similar in many ways 

Photo shows 2 hands 
I did place a effect around the edge 
through my photo program on my phone 

young and older hand 
shows I am a Nan and my Grand daughter is little 
so much love for a little person 
who loves to visit us 

skin tones are so different 
reason I took the photo 
her tiny hand is so soft and silk like 
mine shows wrinkles and aging 

My 3 photos have my hand in them 
which I love about the pic's 
that hand holds my family all 
together no matter what age 
showing so much love with a 
gentle touch 

my 3 photos don't show my 
face only my hand 
that holds special people close to my heart 
that makes me who I am through a selfie 


tones ,cropped , angle


Taken on Coffee Table 


Sitting looking at my glasses 
and watch I really liked the 
simple look they gave 

snapped the 2 images 
changed them with effects on my 
phone 3 images below 
are from the 2 original photos 

selfies yes because photos show 
I need glasses to see every day things 
watch tells you I am busy 
and need a quick way of knowing 
what time it is 

2 original photos 

3 photos all different by changing the original photos