Tuesday, December 11, 2007

posting everyday

Well posting everyday for me at the moment is impossiable due to all the Christmas things that are happening in our area

Last week I had 2 break up dinners to attend this week I have 3 breakups to attend

I also have to fit my hpuse duties into all my work load and going out well it's not working very well I have got the dishes done and the washing done most days and thats about it for now

All I can say is bring on the holidays

Monday, December 03, 2007

Do you fly on wings alone

Do you fly on wings alone when a new door opens

If a new door opened up would you say no or yes ?

In Feb 2007 we had new doors open right up in front of us , I was working 3 jobs and it was very hard to juggle all my daily things around my 2 casual jobs but I was going to hang on tight for the ride.

We moved into our own home and that meant so much to me because I have lived in other peoples homes for so long I can now do what I want in the garden and around the house without answering to anyone esle.

We packed up knowing that I was going to be the main income earner and that was a bit scary because I wasn't making millions still not but we have survied . My husband got work and has never been out of work and people ring wanting him to do this or that but today he started a new job

We completely stepped out on our own and for what to live a more relaxing lifstyle and spend time with our 3 teens who all still need us in one way or another

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is a huge thing to do but it is also awersome when things fall into place for you . We have never gone with out and when things got tuff we both got extra work . We where being looked after

In saying we gave up our jobs you have to understand my husband had done his for 28 years and I had worked alone side him for 19 years we are now entering a different part of our life where we can sit back and enjoy the world going by around us , everytime I see a bird soar through the sky I think to myself yep thats what we did we flew on wings alone and it has been great

Sunday, December 02, 2007


no one likes cleaning when the sun is out

but once the cleaning is done don't you feel great

yep but it also makes you feel very tired as well

So it must be good for your soul cleaning because it makes you feel great and tired

Okay I have been really busy helping my husband clean his shed tonight and some of teh garden ready for Christmas not really knowing what we where all doing , we had a BBQ tea to finish off a great day by all and a wine or 2 to unwind

now I'm off to bed to be ready for tomorrows day

Saturday, December 01, 2007

go by your feelings

This is a late post tonight but if you read on you'll find out why

people are good at saying you shouldn't let your kids do that or be friends with them etc you get my drift , I some times get sick of people saying things like that to me but I guess it's human nature

From the word go when you have your first born others are telling you what to do , I try not to because I know to well how much it annoyed me when I was a mum for the very first time

I spend most of the day at Christmas Festivls with my 2 boys , when we came home we did our own thing and the middle boy went to work for a couple of hours.

I had 1 boy come and ask can I use your workshop ~ yep no problem ~ my youngest went out with him a friend from his school

sitting putting up my Christmas tree with my son a knock came looking for my boy who was out working ~ sorry he's working ~

around the corner came hey mum can I use the workshed yep I said it wasn't my son but a friend of my son who calls me his 2nd mum so I have 4 sons now

People say don't encourage them round they aren't the best of kids ~ well the bare fact is my son is one of those kids who are normal teenagers and I go by my feelings

I would perfer to help them and say yes , than have them sneak in and use things when we aren't here , ohh how bad are they their not they always ask and we treat them with respect

My afternoon was sitting on the back door step speaking to 9 teens boys and girls who hang out together

I opened my door up to my sons friends any time of the day because you never know when 1 of them may really need your help

Next time when some one ask's for help are you to proud to help or are you willing to help

If we all helped 1 person tomorrow wouldn't that make a better world for all of us

Friday, November 30, 2007

Mates & Friends

Mates and Friends are important

It may take time to make good friends and trust
them if yu have only meet them a couple of times

It's nothing for my home to be filled with 11 teenagers or more at one time but I know my teens have many fiends from different backgrounds . They have teen boys in their life and teen girls in ther life to hang out with and I feel very special to be a mum that welcomes so many of their friends into my home and that my sons feel they can trust me to bring thier friends home

I have many friends as well some who I talk with every day , lots through the cyber world who I have never met and as we have moved around the state we leave friends behind but it's great because we make lots of new friends

Friends are really important to have so next time when you are with your friend be grateful for the time you have know each other and for the fun you can have together

Thursday, November 29, 2007

broken bones

My son who turns 13 soon has broken a bone for the first time in his whole life gone 13 years and not one single break before , getting that phone call while he was away from home makes your heart pound and skip a beat.

My heart was pounding that fast I couldn't put the right phone numbers into the phone I tried 4 times before I was steady enough to call my husband

How would you react in a sitution that was out of your control ?

I had 1 hours drive before I got to him them we waited most of the day till Dr's worked out what to do with the break .We came home fairly late

I hope to type something here every day weather it be 1 word or many I want to achieve blogging every day and I hope to encourage everyone through what happens in my home

I wont mention names or where I live but I know one thing the more I talk to people with teens the more I realize everyone of them has to go through some rough times while growing into young people and it's all very normal

rattle on

My 3rd blog , am I crazy or what nope I'm discover there are all sorts of ways to keep records and my other 2 blogs are for different reasons to this one

This blog is forme to rattle on about my life in general and all the happenings about me

Jac's Classes Friday Night

Jac has been running some free classes of Friday Night

If you follow this link http://http://scrappingaround.net.au/forum/index.php?board=54.0

It'll take you to all the things Jac has to offer and we hope to see you there Friday Night

The ladies enjoy chatter and some fun while creating

Design Team Call

If you would like to apply for a Design Team postion for 2008

please go to this link http://scrappingaround.blogspot.com/

It will give you all the details

It's for Scrapping Around and I have been on the Design Team
now for a few months and really enjoy myself

So go on take a peek you never know if it's for you until you read all the details

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I was sent this lovely layout and photo to upload from
Mistra who is a friend and a very clever scrapper , she has been published in a few mags and was 1 of the 10 winners in the lastest For Keeps competition

Bee on Lavendar

Photo and Layout by Mistra Hoolahan

I’m allergic to bees so usually keep well away, but this day wanted some macro shots of the lavender growing in the backyard, and to do that had to face my fear of being stung! Was well worth it… look at the pollen sacks on the bee’s legs! This is one of my favourite photos at the moment!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paris Dam

Last Sunday we went for a drive through the North East of Tasmania and came across a place called paris dam .In years gone by it was a really big dam but some how a hole gave way to all the water and this is what you see today .Makes for interesting photos and taken at different angels you get some really good photos image building this dam back a few years ago.

Water flowing very fast through the rocks and the mountain

After walking around for a while the boys found this cave which the water followed over and through .We don't know where it goes but looking down into the water it was quite deep and cold.

To find so much water travelling through when it is so dry gives you the feeling of hope that our natural nature will be here for a long time to enjoy

These are the old walls of the dam that where built to hold all the water in storage . To stand by them and look up to see how high and how long the wall is gives you a really awersome feeling. As I took photos of the boys near the wall it made me realize how high it was the boys looked like little ants at the bottom .
As a family we are really luckly to have this almost on our door step to visit .
We all enjoyed our day and would tell anyone who comes to Tassie to go have a look it's well worth the trip up into the bush for this awersome sight

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cyber Crop Weekend

Want to have fun well come along to Scrapping Around Cyber Crop weekend

Where the Design Team have set up all sorts of challenges , games for you to enjoy

Upload is midnight Monday which gives plenty of time for you to upload your layouts

Here is the link http://scrappingaround.net.au/forum/index.php?board=51.0

Share your photos /layouts

Welcome to my new site but this site is for everyone to enjoy

I would love to see peoples photos and layouts on nature and natural things in our every day life

Please send your layoutsPhotos to whayood@yahoo.com

If I like what you sned in I'll post them for you , if you have a blog link then e-mail it to me with your photo and I'll add it on my link section

If you take photos as a hobby or do it for a living and have hints and tips to share please email me and I'll post your info

Friday, October 12, 2007

Design Team and Guest DT member

Cyber crop happening at scrapping around tonight

Come on over and meet the Design Team we have kath, Jac,Monique,Mrs Clause and Karen

This month our guest Design Member is Mistra she has been publish in some of the scrapping magazines and is a valued member of our sites with other members

So if you want to see Mistra in action stop by tonight at Scrapping around

follow the link it will take you to the Home Page once there click on the forum topic and you'll find the cyber crop chatter